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Logo slates new dating show starring Calpernia Addams

Calpernia Addams is set to star in a new dating show airing in February 2008. Eight men will vie for her affection on Transamerican Love Story, hosted by Alec Mapa.

Ms. Addams said, “I’m so thrilled about the whole experience. I kept asking myself, what if I find someone amazing?”

“The media is finally bringing trans people to the screen as intellectual, social and emotional equals who they trust the audience to identify with. Usually we are relegated to prostitute, punch line, psycho or ‘noble victim’ roles, and 90 percent of the time we don’t even play the roles ourselves. This show will be lots of real fun, which is groundbreaking.”

Logo is also currently airing “Casting Pearls,” a short starring Calpernia and directed by Andrea James. Viewers can watch and rate it online as part of this season’s The Click List: Best in Short Film.

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* Full article by Jennifer Vanasco

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