Deep Stealth Productions


Several films and television programs featuring transgender issues have come to the screen in the last few years. We are adding our firsthand experiences through consultations and our own productions. Since Soldier’s Girl, we’ve also consulted and appeared in the film Transamerica, starring Felicity Huffman, in HBO’s documentary Middle Sexes, and in the LOGO network’s documentary Beautiful Daughters, about our V-Day LA event.

Films like these have finally brought compassionate depictions of our lives to large audiences. We’ve been inspired to do even more. We plan to create more accurate and positive portrayals of us in the media, and work to give actors like us a chance to break out of the limited roles to which we are currently confined. Our short Casting Pearls comments on the treatment of transgender characters in Hollywood through a humorous series of auditions and screen tests navigated by a transgender protagonist.

Click below for more information on some of our recent work

Transproofed – Deep Stealth’s comedy short about dating and disclosure

Casting Pearls – Deep Stealth’s comedy short about auditioning in Hollywood as a trans actress

Transamerica – Bree (Felicity Huffman) travels cross country with the son she never knew she had

Beautiful Daughters – The documentary about Deep Stealth’s V-Day LA 2004 benefit production of “The Vagina Monologues”

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She – An HBO documentary about gender issues around the world

Soldier’s Girl – The award winning Frank Pierson/Ron Nyswaner film dramatizing Calpernia’s relationship with PFC Barry Winchell