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Transamerica press photo

Deep Stealth Productions provided voice training and consultation for Felicity Huffman, star of television’sĀ Desperate Housewives, for her role as transwoman Bree Osbourne in the feature filmĀ Transamerica. Calpernia also plays a Texas fiddle player encountered by Felicity’s character, and the very first image in the film is our own Andrea James, in an excerpt from Finding Your Female Voice. Bree is a serious, hard-working woman on track for vaginoplasty and absolutely committed to being accepted by society as the woman she is. And she chooses Finding Your Female Voice, going through the exercises as she readies herself for work at the beginning of the film.

TransamericaĀ is a film by writer/director Duncan Tucker about a transwoman (Felicity Huffman) who discovers a son she never knew the week before her sexual reassignment surgery. After bailing him out of jail in New York, she returns home to LA with him on a cross-country journey in which she struggles with issues of coming out, parenthood and self-acceptance.

Duncan contacted Calpernia and Andrea and engaged them as consultants for his script, verifying the accuracy of his portrayal of a transwoman’s experience. Lead actress Felicity Huffman visited with the Deep Stealth founders on numerous occasions to talk with Calpernia and Andrea, and to work on getting her voice and presentation right for the role.

A festival darling at Tribeca and others, it was acquired by the Weinsteins and opened to nationwide release in 2006.

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