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Transsexual Road Map

Believe it or not, transition from male to female is simply a journey. Just like a trip, you decide on:

  • your destination
  • the time you’ll need to get there
  • the money you’ll spend is a free online guide for women traveling this path, designed to help them set priorities and choose a route. It’s about making informed purchasing decisions and setting realistic, achievable transition goals. The site was inspired by feminist activism of the 1970s. Andrea writes:

In 1996, I had been thinking about creating a TS version of “Our Bodies, Ourselves.” When my friend Catherine suggested a ‘road map’ format, a light bulb went off. We need to map a course of the transitions of those brave people who came before us, to guide those who will come after. Just like the early maps explorers make, it won’t have everything right the first time; some items may be a bit distorted, and there may be blank spots here and there. But with everyone’s help, it will become more and more accurate. Because of all the variables in transition, your journey will be unlike anyone else’s. Some people want to get to their destination in a big hurry on the fastest route they can find, even if it’s not the safest and is a steeper climb. Others want a slow, smooth road they can take cautiously. I’ve tried to discuss as many of these roads as possible. There is no right way or proper path, either. Everyone has a different destination, different timetable, different resources available to get there. A lot of transsexuals dole out advice as if ‘my way is the only good way.’ This is simply untrue. There are, however, shortcuts that can often make things easier. I present those here, as well as my personal opinions, and I’ll let you decide if they make sense for you.

Since its inception, the site has grown to become one of the most popular sites on this topic. The section on hair removal became so widely read outside the transsexual community that it was spun off into two separate websites, HairFacts and HairTell.

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