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As concerned and active members of both the trans community and the entertainment community, we are often called upon to write opinion and information pieces. While much of our work is published online, we have also been published in print.

Information for media outlets writing about the trans community may be found in the media resources link.

Mark 947

We are pleased to announce the publication of Mark 947, a biography that tells the life story behind the events portrayed in Showtime’s Soldier’s Girl.

This story follows Calpernia’s strict religious upbringing and the difficulties it caused, her time in the U.S. Navy, and her rise to fame as an entertainer in Nashville’s club scene. It also tells of her tragic romance with Barry Winchell, and his murder at the hand of fellow solders who hated him for it. The murder thrust Calpernia from the stage spotlight into the harsh glare of media scrutiny and identity politics when it turned into a national controversy that resonates still.

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Mark 947