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Transamerica makes AP reviewer’s top ten 2005 films

Associated Press film reviewer David Germain has chosen Transamerica as one of the top ten films of 2005. He writes:

“As film critics, we had a problem this year. There were too many great movies to choose from and only 10 spots on our best-of lists. After much soul-searching and paring, here’s what we came up with – the absolute best of the best.”

“Felicity Huffman joins Dustin Hoffman, Julie Andrews and Hilary Swank in the Academy of Great Gender-Bending Performances, playing a man preparing for surgery to become a woman in Duncan Tucker’s road-trip comic drama. Huffman undergoes a remarkable physical transformation, but it’s her bearing – wry, shy glances, the tics of someone adjusting to a changing body – that makes her so lovably, painfully authentic.”