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Scene: Los Angeles Oufest |

Karman Kregloe, Senior Writer and Director of Special Projects, writes about the “Girls’ Shorts” program at the Directors Guild of America, July 20: “Unfortunately, the Directors Guild of America building was packed, so when I got into the auditorium I had to settle for a crappy seat near the front. But it didn’t matter. The shorts program that followed was one of the best I’d ever seen at Outfest. Casting Pearls by Andrea James was about the misadventures of a transsexual actress (played by the very charismatic Calpernia Addams) who can’t get a break.”

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* Scene: Los Angeles Outfest

Those who missed it can check it out as part of Favorite Girls’ Shorts Wednesday, September 26, 7:30pm, Rigler Theatre @ The Egyptian in Hollywood:

* Outfest Wednesdays: Favorite Girls’ Shorts

Director Andrea James and star Calpernia Addams are scheduled to attend the special screening.

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