Deep Stealth Productions

Deep Stealth Productions celebrates 5-year anniversary

On October 3, 2002, Deep Stealth Productions opened for business with the release of the instructional video ‘Finding Your Female Voice.’ Some of the key projects with which Deep Stealth has been involved in its first five years:

* ‘Finding Your Female Voice’ released

* ‘Soldier’s Girl’ released

* ‘Mark 947’ published

* ‘Becoming You’ makeup video released

* ‘Conversation with Calpernia’ released

* Our VDay event: first all-trans performance of the ‘Vagina Monologies’

* ‘Transamerica’ released

* ‘Beautiful Daughters’ released

* ‘Middle Sexes’ released

* GenderLife web resource portal opened

* ‘Coming Out’ series released

* ‘Survival Kits’ released

* Dozens of media and personal appearances

* ‘Casting Pearls’ released

Our suite of websites currently gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Stay tuned for some exciting news about our latest project “Casting Pearls” in the next few weeks, and watch for a fun project around the end of the year.

And to celebrate our anniversary month, we are offering a $5.00 discount on all Survival Kits (Voice, Face, Coming Out or Ultimate) throughout the month of October! Just enter the code “GWZC4SKU” during your order to get $5.00 off.


Thank you for your support over the last five years!

Co-founders Calpernia Addams and Andrea James