Deep Stealth Productions

“Casting Pearls” screening at Gender Odyssey a success

Deep Stealth Productions was proud to be part of the 2007 Gender Odyssey conference in Seattle through a screening of the short film “Casting Pearls” on Saturday, September 1st at the Northwest Film Forum.


How do we get to the life we want to lead? How many struggles and triumphs are along the way? These films chronicle this process in a variety of ways.

TRANNYMALS GO TO COURT, dirs. Dylan Vade & Abe Bernard, 2007, 12 min.

Eight fierce and fiery-talking genitals expose harmful legal practices and spread unapologetic tranny pride.

CASTING PEARLS, dir. Andrea James, 2006, 7 min.

Transsexual actress Cassandra (Calpernia Addams) endures a series of Hollywood auditions.

MAGGOTS AND MEN, dir. Oakie Treadwell, 2006, 5 min.

A trailer for a historical drama set in post-revolutionary Russia, shot by a cast and crew rampant with gender anarchy.

TASK/IN-PROGRESS, dir. K. Terumi Shorb, 2004, 6 min.

An experimental exploration of race, masculinity, and gender identity.

STRANGE OBJECTS, dir. Jude Mahan, 2004, 4 min.

A high-schooler