Deep Stealth Productions

“Casting Pearls” free screening at Athens, Ohio film fest

Deep Stealth

Deep Stealth Productions’ short film “Casting Pearls” will screen as part of the 2008 Athens International Film and Video Festival.

Thursday 1 May 2008

7:00 PM

Baker Center Theater (second floor of Baker University Center)

All shows at Baker Center Theater are FREE!

One Park Place

Athens, OH 45701

Baker University Center Parking Garage is underground, at the lower entrance to the Center. There is also public metered parking adjacent to the upper entrance.

The lineup for LGBT Visions 2 :

A Taste of Home

Dir. David Yun

U.S.A 7min

Short documentary

In A Taste of Home filmmaker David Yun attempts to reconcile the feelings of alienation he experienced while growing up in a suburban Detroit town with the emotions felt after returning home to care for his terminally ill mother. Combining landscape cinematography with a highly personal voiceover, A Taste of Home documents the filmmaker’s changing relationship with his hometown under these new sets of circumstances while relating to larger questions of identity and our always changing relationships to our familial and communal histories.

Prada Handbag

Stuart Vauvert

Australia 22 min.

Short narrative

What’s a girl to do when a rare hair-loss condition leaves her with an obsession for zany wigs and make-up? Become a drag queen, of course! Prada Hamburg, child of the famous shoe designer, may not have any hair, but she does have a fabulous wig collection. Having always been an outsider, Prada finally finds her niche when she lands a job at a kooky drag bar full of colorful characters – a world of sequins, feathers and false eyelashes – and assumes the new identity of Prada Handbag.

Members Only

Dir. Carolina Roca-Smith

U.S.A. 10 min.

Short narrative

Amy, the new kid in town, can’t seem to get a date