Deep Stealth Productions

Calpernia scheduled to appear at Santa Fe ‘Beautiful Daughters’ premiere Dec. 10

The documentary about Deep Stealth Productions’ first-ever all-transgender performance of the Vagina Monologues has its world premiere at the Santa Fe Film Festival this weekend. Join Calpernia and other featured subjects in the film for this special event.

BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS is the first of Eve Ensler’s VAGINA MONOLOGUES performances to focus on transgender sex and transgender women. We meet 60 transgender women from all over the U.S. as they audition and rehearse for their MONOLOGUES performance, participate in one-on-one interviews and group discussions, and speak with utter frankness of their personal heartaches and triumphs.

A few discuss the supportive relationships that help sustain them. Others describe rejection, shaming and violence endured in childhood and beyond—lessons taught by families, schoolmates, teachers, friends and strangers that ?