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Andrea to be interviewed by Calpernia for Frontiers

Andrea is scheduled to be interviewed for an upcoming issue of Frontiers, a publication about the LGBT community in Southern California. Calpernia will be conducting the interview, and photos for the piece were taken over the weekend.

Calpernia and Andrea appear in Newsday article about Transamerica

Andrea and Calpernia were interviewed for an article on Felicity Huffman for Newsday’s coverage of ‘Transamerica’. The issue hit the stands Saturday, November 26, 2005. ‘Transamerica’ transforms Felicity Huffman

Andrea and Calpernia appear in USA Today article about Transamerica

Link via Lynn Conway (USA Today archive) Andrea and Calpernia were invited to participate in an interview with Felicity Huffman about the upcoming film Transamerica for USA Today. The issue hit the stands Tuesday, November 22, 2005.

“Vagina Warriors” by Eve Ensler

Andrea and Calpernia were photographed eariler this year for a book of images and essays called “Vagina Warriors”. Playwright Eve Ensler has assembled a coffee-table book of women who were involved in the fight to stop violence against women and…

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